Electrical Engineering Services

We offer a complete range of electrical engineering services to a variety of sectors. Among our services are:

Electrical and Control Panel Design and Construction: We have extensive experience designing and constructing electrical and control panels adapted to individual client requirements. We ensure that the panels are efficient, dependable, and meet industry requirements.

Industrial Electrical Wiring and Cable Laying: We specialize in industrial electrical wiring and cable laying, ensuring the safe and effective installation of electrical systems within industrial facilities. We also offer cable laying services to ensure proper wire routing and management.

Earthing and Lightning Protection: We provide solutions for earthing systems and lightning protection to protect electrical installations and equipment from damage caused by electrical surges and lightning strikes.

Power Audit: We conduct thorough power audits to measure energy use, find areas for improvement, and offer energy-efficient solutions to reduce power waste and operational expenses.

Electric Motor Rewinding: We also offer electric motor rewinding services, which entail repairing or rewinding broken or worn-out motor windings, thereby increasing the motors' lifespan and assuring optimal performance.

LV, MV, and HV Electrical Power Services: We provide services relating to low-voltage (LV), medium-voltage (MV), and high-voltage (HV) electrical power systems, such as installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of electrical equipment and systems.

UPS and Inverter Solutions: We offer uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and inverter solutions to ensure reliable backup power during outages, protecting vital equipment and processes.

Electrical Engineering workforce Supply Services: We provide competent electrical engineering workforce to clients for short-term or long-term projects.

Other Services
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We started out in 2009 as a mainly engineering procurement company and over the years we have grown to become an engineering service